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Tacoma SEO services Why SEO?

SEO is the process of providing more organic visibility to your website via major search engines. A website is indexed based on targeted keywords and overall site structure. With 85% of all website traffic coming from search engines, it is important to maximize the quality of your web code allowing more traffic to come to your site. Our goal is to determine how we increase web traffic to your site via the organic or “unpaid searches” ultimately creating more conversions, more sales and more profit margins for your company. Our goal is to be the affordable solution for your company. We create the desired organic search engine results or we do not get paid. We believe so strongly in our ability to help you that we lay out a comprehensive search engine optimization plan with specific benchmarks and dates. IF we fail to hit the timelines we work for free. Any Search engine optimization company skilled in their craft can provide similar guarantees. Here is an overview.

Seattle SEO process

How it Works
Our SEO approach is a clear understanding of search engine behavior allowing us to review and make the necessary changes to your website to make a tremendous impact in your rankings. Here are some key areas that we will be concentrating on.

Site analysis
We do a complete analysis on current website structure to address any internal issues that may have the search engine crawlers not returning the desired results. We will fix broken links, HTML code errors, Duplicate content, 404 errors, non indexed web pages, tile or Meta description issues, etc. In addition we will look at the competitive leaders in the key words that you want to dominate. We will analyze their approach to SEO and put in a solid SEO plan to dominate over them organically. This competitive analysis allows us the understanding required for site structure and needed back links to increase your web presence over your competition.

Link Building
To obtain the desired organic results in the major search engines; back links are required. Building back links will get you the page rank required for success, this depends on two keystones; the overall number of links you have, and the quality of each particular link. We will work with our partners to develop relevant links with sites that possess sufficient page rank to secure the desired organic results.

We also undertake an aggressive approach to getting more exposure for your website. Part of our solutions is to enhance organic standings by submitting to directories. We offer a full range of supporting services such as one way themed Text Links, Blog Submissions, Directory Submissions, Article Writing & Postings, and Social Media Marketing etc.

Overall strategy is not a secret; there are many good SEO companies that can achieve the desired results. It is critical to know what people are search for and to set you site up for the largest potential of organic search engine success. We are confident that ICC Services can out line an overall strategy that you will understand. We are so confident that if we do not achieve the desired results are services will be offered to you for free.

Free Search Engine Optimization report

Your Free SEO Analysis
We offer free Search Engine Optimization website analysis as a service to the businesses in Western Washington only. We also refuse the right not to offer this service if we are currently overwhelmed with exiting projects. What we provide is enough information that is specific to your site and your business that the above topics start to make better sense. The strategy PDF that we send to you will not be an entire SEO campaign, but it will be enough for your company to understand your individual dynamics as it relates to SEO strategy and how you can benefit from a formal campaign by this company or some other SEO marketing firm.

Free SEO Analysis

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Guaranteed Results

Money Back SEO results

The nice thing about an effective SEO program is that with a detailed Search engine optimization plan with key dates and bench marks, all results are quantifiable. This mean through Google analytics or other benchmarking software you know if the plan that is being implemented and the results are being obtained. You will easily see number of visits to your website, trends, traffic and revenue all increase. At ICC Services we provide a detailed plan of action with key dates and benchmarks, if we fail to achieve the dates of the bench mark we suspend getting paid until those achievement dates are obtained. Are detailed process is over communicated with our clients to ensure they know that choosing us for their SEO needs was not only the smart choice but the best want from a return on investment perspective. We guarantee our results.

SEO Report

Free SEO report on your website

  • Report Overview
  • Keyword use in document title
  • Global link popularity of web site
  • Link texts of inbound links
  • Keyword use in body text
  • Age of web site
  • Keyword use in H1 headline texts
  • Keyword use in domain name
  • Keyword use in page URL
  • Links from social networks
  • Server speed
  • Keyword use in H2-H6 headline texts
  • Keyword use in IMG ALT attributes
  • Top level domain of web site
  • Keyword use in bold body text
  • Number of visitors to the site
  • Keyword use in same site link texts
  • Keyword use in outbound link texts
  • Keyword use in same site link URLs
  • Keyword use in outbound link URLs
  • Keyword use in meta description
  • Number of trailing slashes in URL
  • HTML validation of web page to W3C standards
  • Readability level of web page
  • Keyword use in meta keywords
  • Keyword use in the first sentence of the body tex
  • Keyword use in HTML comments
  • Search engine compatibility
  • Factors that could prevent your top ranking

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